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OptiHealth Institute is a state-of-the-art medical practice led by Board-Certified physician Eric C. Nager, MD, in Baltimore, Maryland. The practice offers Anti-Aging therapies, Regenerative Medicine treatments, and Functional Medicine services.

At OptiHealth Institute, Dr. Nager believes in addressing the root cause of disease as opposed to its physical manifestations. Each patient who seeks care at OptiHealth Institute is treated as a whole person instead of a collection of symptoms.

Functional medicine incorporates the knowledge of multiple academic disciplines and applies this holistic understanding to help heal people fundamentally. Dr. Nager also prioritizes the doctor-patient relationship and views this as a central piece to comprehensive health care. Patients can expect quality care for Functional Medicine approaches for complex medical problems, Regenerative Medicine approaches for musculoskeletal disorders, sexual health, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, IV nutrition, and more.

Functional evaluations at OptiHealth Institute are not merely appointments at which you receive a basic physical assessment followed by some treatment protocol. Dr. Nager and his team consider every aspect of your health and recommend practical lifestyle and dietary strategies for your specific needs. They spend considerable time with each patient to make sure they understand their health goals and then create preventative plans to achieve or maintain optimal health.

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OptiHealth Institute: Eric C. Nager, MD
8303 Pulaski Highway, Suite A
Baltimore, MD 21237
Phone: 443-407-8577
Fax: 443-707-2204

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