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If you’re deficient in certain vitamins, minerals, or nutrients, IV nutrition therapy provides a safe and effective way to restore balance to your body. At OptiHealth Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, Eric C. Nager, MD, a Board-Certified Anti-Aging, Functional, and Regenerative Medicine expert, offers several IV infusions, including cocktails that promote athletic recovery, combat migraines, and increase hydration. To see what type of IV nutrition therapy you most benefit from, make an appointment by calling the office or booking online today.

IV Nutrition Therapy Q & A

What is IV nutrition therapy?

IV nutrition therapy is an in-office treatment at OptiHealth Institute that involves Dr. Nager administering a drip of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into your bloodstream with a needle. This allows the beneficial components to bypass your digestive system altogether, increasing absorption throughout your body.

As a result, you receive more health benefits than you would if you took a vitamin or supplement orally. 

Dr. Nager oversees all vitamin IV treatments. A compounding pharmacy that uses the highest standards for quality and sterility makes each solution. Each IV treatment contains high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring your body acquires the nutrients it needs to thrive.

What are the different types of IV nutrition therapy?

OptiHealth Institute offers several types of IV nutrition therapy:


The OptiMyers is a unique take on the Myers’ Cocktail, an IV solution John Myers, MD, developed in the 1970s. This cocktail contains: 

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Vitamin C

It’s beneficial for a variety of conditions, including fatigue, seasonal allergies, depression, and anxiety.

OptiMyers Super

The OptiMyers Super cocktail takes the original OptiMyers solution and increases the strength. To undergo treatment with OptiMyers Super, Dr. Nager requires laboratory testing. He then uses this information to customize the cocktail to your individual needs.

OptiMigraine IV

If you regularly suffer from migraines, you might benefit from treatment with the OptiMigraine IV. This solution contains a higher dose of Magnesium, which has been proven to ease or eliminate migraine headaches. 

OptiAthlete IV

The OptiAthlete IV contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients designed to improve athletic performance and lower your risk of injury. What sets this solution apart is the high amount of amino acids that are delivered intravenously. These amino acids are building blocks for muscle tissue, and crucial for athletic recovery.


Glutathione is an amino acid that is synthesized in the liver. It is a powerful detox and antioxidant agent in the body. Glutathione can be used for a variety of purposes such as clearing heavy metals from the body,/support of a healthy immune system, supporting liver/brain/lung health and optimizing athletic performance. 

High-dose vitamin C

If you’re fighting a battle with cancer, you might benefit from a high-dose vitamin C infusion. Vitamin C boosts your immune system and assists your body in battling cancerous cells. In addition to fortifying your immunity, high-dose vitamin C can improve your energy levels, and ease other uncomfortable symptoms associated with cancer treatment.

B-12 injections

Vitamin B-12 plays an important role in keeping your nerves, cells, and blood healthy. If you have a B-12 deficiency, you’re more likely to experience anemia, stomach problems, and even nerve damage. A series of B-12 injections can prevent these and other issues from occurring. Dr. Nager also uses B-12 injections to assist with medically supervised weight loss programs as well as a means of increasing overall energy.

What type of IV nutrition therapy is right for me?

To determine the most beneficial type of IV nutrition therapy, make an appointment at OptiHealth Institute. During your initial consultation, Dr. Nager reviews your medical history and asks you about the symptoms you’re experiencing.

He may also order laboratory tests, including blood work and hormone analysis, to determine your current vitamin, nutrient, and hormone levels. After gathering this information, he can make a recommendation that aligns with your individual needs.

To make an IV nutrition therapy appointment at OptiHealth Institute, call the office or book online today.